Tapioca Town Airdrop – Whitelist

It’s finally here. Tapioca Town is an NFT based digital pet game. Be a part of the whitelist!

What is Tapioca Town?

Tapioca town is an NFT based digital pet game built on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s still in beta but within Tapioca Town you’ll be able to mint an adorable NFT that will grow with you. It’s like Tamagotchi meets Stardew Valley meets the future. Within Tapioca town your boba will grow from a tiny baby pearl into a full-grown Boba increasing in value as more users join, it gains net worth, and grows older. Along the way you’ll be able to trade, play with friends, accessorize, build a town, and engage in Exclusive Events.


The Tapioca Town team has launched roadmap of the next few weeks. Things are moving VERY fast with this community.

  • As of today they are launching a price discord airdrop for beta users with free minting of the first 10,000 Boba.
  • They’ve already launched a leaderboard where you can track your NFT stats and see your Boba grow
  • Level 2 is a public launch where they are opening the NFT minting to the public. It’s my understanding that the price will increase from 0.1, to 0.3, and more as time goes on and more Boba are created.
  • Level 3 is a player experience addition wherein you will be able to increase your Boba’s networth, status, and health.
  • Level 4 is a marketplace to customize your NFT with accessories

They have big plans for this project that also include a Metaverse expansion, Boba universe, and Boba Island Party.

How do I mint my Boba on Tapioca Town

It’s simple. You will need to have a MetaMask wallet. Once you have created your MetaMask wallet you will need to fund it with Ethereum from your wallet or an exchange. For the whitelist users there will be a lower fee, and it will increase in increments after that.

Once you have a funded MetaMask wallet goto game.tapioca.town this will take you to the Tapioca Town main page. From here you’ll see a dialog box with the words Mint NFT and Connect.

Connect your funded MetaMask wallet, as this product is in beta I have not tested the other wallets.

Click Mint. This will then start the process of minting the NFT. It takes a little while for the minting to process, you’ll also need to approve the transaction in your MetaMask wallet extension as well.