Tapioca Town – Launch Date & Whitelist

Tapioca Town is an NFT-based P2E digital pet game and DeFi protocol. They are partnered with the BOBA network, an Ethereum L2 scaling solution, and Oolong Swap, a BOBA network DEX.

Tapioca Town is releasing 5000 handcrafted 3D pieces of art as Boba NFTs. Each NFT evolves as they level up. Their status points and level determine their final form. Play mini-games on Tapioca Town’s protocol to earn, stake, farm, customize, and level up.

On 4.20.2022, Tapioca Town is launching. Don’t miss this massive highly-anticipated drop!

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get on Tapioca Town’s whitelist. They are whitelisting 500 addresses for their prelaunch. Where whitelisted addresses can mint up to 5 NFTs for a lower cost, a day early.

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