Other Ways to Buy Bitcoin

Buy Bitcoins On-line with Credit Card

You can buy Bitcoins on-line quickly and easily with CoinMama

Buy Bitcoins with Cash

If there isn’t an ATM located in your area and you would still like to purchase Bitcoin using cash, then I would recommend using LocalBitcoins.com.


Local Bitcoins offers an escrow service allowing you to safely buy and sell Bitcoin with a local dealer.  It works like this.

LocalBitcoins features a transaction service, which makes the bitcoin cash exchange process more convenient and secure. If LocalBitcoins transaction service is used, the buyer can verify that the bitcoins actually exist, and seller can show his/her willingness to sell by funding the transaction.
For the buyer, the process is as follows:

  1. Make an offer by responding to any buy bitcoins with cash advertisements, or create your own sell bitcoins with cashadvertisement.
  2. Ask the bitcoin seller to send the right amount of bitcoins to the temporary bitcoin address. More professional traders do this automatically.
  3. You get a secret transaction verification code. Take down the code, keep it secret.
  4. Meet the seller.
  5. Seller should be able to show you the transaction verify code – by seeing it, you can be sure that the transaction is finalized, as the seller does not get the code until the bitcoins have been released into your wallet.

For the seller:

  1. Receive offer if you are advertiser / make an offer if you are contacter
  2. Fund the transaction, get SMS release code and number, write them down or store them on your phone
  3. Meet and receive the cash
  4. Send the release SMS message or release the transaction online via laptop
  5. Both receive confirmation SMS (if they have provided phone numbers)
  6. Bitcoins transfered to buyer