Simple. Safe. Secure. With super low fees and the highest daily limits in the nation, it's easy to buy & sell Bitcoin (& other cryptos) at Byte Federal Bitcoin ATMs

Additional Fees

Our exchange rate is listed on the machine when you approach the kiosk on the landing page and at the checkout page, right before you insert bills. We don't charge any other fees, in fact we absorb the mining and network fees. Everything is bundled up into our exchange rate, to make it an easy decision for the customer: "do you want to buy Bitcoin at this price".... our exchange rate includes, naturally, our cost of business, hosts (store owner) expenses and referral agent fees, cash transportation and logistics, bank and regulatory fees and services... etc.

Daily Limits and Verification Procedures

●First transaction limit of $300 with successful registration
● After successful registration, the daily limit is $21,000 per user/per day

Phone Number of Operator

(786) 686-2983

E-mail of Operator
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